Thrive At Home: Social Distancing Survival Guide

Isolation can be detrimental to your mental, emotional, and even physical health. To cope with the times we're living in, we've created a simple survival guide so you can enjoy life in your beloved abode. Being at home for long periods of time can be a blessing. Here's how to thrive:

1. Explore new hobbies: Getting creative is one sure way to kick the blues and keep you busy. Always wanted to learn a new language or a new sport? Ever thought about mastering a particular cuisine? Maybe you want to learn how to sing? Go for it! You have time, and time is the most precious currency. Delve into one of your passions and enjoy your life.

2. Move your body: Excercise is a proven method to beat depression and it also helps you stay in shape. Give your body a shake with an online dancing class. Or take up yoga and help your body be more flexible while learning effective relaxation techniques. And if you can, take a short walk outside in the early morning so there are fewer people out there. Just don't forget your mask!

3. Connect with loved ones: Social distancing means not being able to visit family and friends physically, but it doesn't mean not connecting. Make use of technology and pay a virtual visit to your parents or best friend. If you're dating someone, then plan video dates and get dressed up. Just make it a habit to chat or video call every few days with people you love.

4. Pamper yourself: Buy relaxing candles, a cozy pillow, or a fragrant soap, and treat yourself to some me time. Islanenas carries a great array of fair trade, eco-friendly and handmade items for the home, from soft towels and natural aprons, to exquisite bowls and rustic planters.

Be happy and thrive at home. If you ever need us, we're right here ready to help you beautify your dwelling.