About Us

Welcome to Islanenas. Our company name is a nod to the beautiful island of Vieques, also known as 'La Isla Nena.' Islanenas also means 'island girls.' We are a mother-daughter team based in the Caribbean. We serve as a hub and collective, where artisans, designers and nonprofits can showcase their products. We are passionate about living a conscious island lifestyle, rooted in the enjoyment of salty and lush environs, while caring about people and the natural world.
About The Founders:
Lourdes Sierra has a background in design—it's in her blood. She grew up surrounded by sewing machines (her parents owned a tailoring business) and she developed an eye for practical, beautiful and sustainable products. She handcrafts apparel and other goods. Vieques is her favorite island.
Melissa Alvarado Sierra used to live and work in Vieques, and her husband's ancestors came from the island. She has been sailing in the tropics for many years, meeting stylish islanders and finding precious island items. Melissa used to be a correspondent for Fashion TV. A journalist and author, she now writes about social and environmental justice. Her book about feminism and identity was recently published by McGraw-Hill.
About The Company:
As members and contributors of the Fair Trade Society, Islanenas is committed to fostering the ethical creation of goods while supporting gender equality. Our mission is to help marginalized artisans by selling the sustainable products they create and women use everyday. We especially want to champion women artisans, particularly those who are refugees, disable and survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Support our mission by shopping with us.
We hope you find a treasure to call your own. You are making a difference by caring about what you buy.
Lourdes & Melissa, Founders