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Baby Spoon

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Each spoon is hand-carved delicately by an 80-year old craftsman, named Sabri, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, using the wild boxwood (buxus) tree.

Sustainable: The craftsman uses the untreated, natural boxwood trees he acquires during the “forest thinning season” to maintain forests in optimal density in order to prevent wild fires.

Each spoon is smooth and flawless. It is an healthy and eco friendly alternative to plastic feeding spoons.

Boxwood tree has been used for thousands of years for its antibacterial properties, and many health benefits.

Care: Hand wash and air dry. Massage oil (olive oil or coconut oil) onto the spoon and let dry for 2 days prior to first use. As with all natural wood products, oil the feeding spoon occasionally (every few months) so you can use it for decades to come…

Length: Wood Baby Spoon 6.7 inches

Zero Waste Shipping: We will ship this product without plastic to care for the planet and your baby.