Vegan Elderberry Syrup

Vegan Elderberry Syrup

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No honey added. 

Cold & Flu Relief. Immune Support. Allergy Relief. 

Made with only certified organic ingredients.

Fresh | Pure | Organic

Freshly made in small batches! Nothing added to extend shelf-life! 

This is as close as you can get to eating the fresh elderberries off the bush! 

It doesn’t even compare to the processed elderberry products sitting on store shelfs forever. 

For boosting your immune system & prevention, enjoy 1 tbs. every single day—this is the best form of self-care! If you feel the onset of cold/flu or your allergies are acting up, up the dose to 3-4 tbs. a day. 

Elderberry is also a natural laxative (in case you need that)! Only real, highest-quality, certified organic ingredients. 

Freshness alert! Refrigerate & enjoy within 6 months.

  • Vegan
  • Suitable for diabetics (zero sugar)
  • Cancer patients and others who are on a zero sugar diet
  • KETO-friendly
  • Suitable for babies who started solid foods